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Bachelor & Master Thesis

Collection of my theses

Research, design and prototype of two digital plattforms – both exceptionally relevant for our society.

About this project

It was important to me to address socially relevant issues in my final projects. For me, design is more than just beautiful, intuitive surfaces. Design has the chance to change all our lives for the better. My products and services should help people to do good and at the same time have the full focus on it.

That's why I chose topics in my theses where digital tools can have a valuable contribution for the improvement of our society and the poeple who use them.

Lukas Sautter

UX/UI Strategist based in Munich, Germany

Currently working for Bosch Siemens HA

Project Type

Bachelor (2017) & Master (2019) Thesis

Interactive Media Systems

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Bachelor Thesis

Interactive Media (B.A)
Year: 2017

Concept, design and prototypes of a digital organization platform for asylum help circles.

In the future, Simplehelp will be used as a cross-platform application to support asylum support groups in managing and carrying out their work. Better organization and communication ensures that volunteer refugee assistance can be more efficient and resource-oriented. For this purpose, a comprehensive concept was developed, adapted to the target group, and the user interface of the final application was designed for different types of devices.

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Master Thesis

Interactive Media Systems (M.A)
Year: 2019

How we can face the barriers and challenges of E-Governmental services in Germany.

Digitization is no longer a new trend. In almost every area of our daily lives and the economy, people are relying on the potential of digital helpers and systems. The public administration of our state, on the other hand, does not seem to be able to keep up with the pace. While countries like Estonia and Denmark are already voting digitally and issuing electronic citizenships, Germany is lagging massively behind expectations. "In this thesis, challenges and barriers to e-government in Germany were investigated and analyzed. Based on the theoretical analysis, a concept and prototype for an effective and user-centered citizen service portal for the city of Augsburg was developed.

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