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Case STudy – Bachelor Thesis

Simplehelp – Help Circle Management

Research, design and prototype of a digital organization platform for asylum support groups.

About this project

In the future, Simplehelp will be a cross-platform application to support asylum aid groups in managing and carrying out their work. Better organization and communication ensures that volunteer refugee assistance can be more efficient and resource-oriented. For this purpose, a comprehensive concept was developed, adapted to the target group, and the user interface of the final application was designed for different types of devices.

Lukas Sautter

UX/UI Strategist based in Munich, Germany

Currently working for Bosch Siemens HA

Project Type

Bachelor Thesis 2017

Interactive Media – B.A.

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Download Thesis

Please feel free to Download my whole thesis. It really shows the scientific effort I put in this project. Good design is improving peoples everyday life and not only creating visual appealing products. Thats what user experience is all about.

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