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Case STudy – Master Thesis

German E-Government Analysis

How to face the barriers and challenges of E-Governmental services in Germany.

About this project

Digitization is no longer a new trend. In almost every area of our daily lives and the economy, people are relying on the potential of digital helpers and systems. The public administration of our state, on the other hand, does not seem to be able to keep up with the pace. While countries like Estonia and Denmark are already voting digitally and issuing electronic citizenships, Germany is lagging massively behind expectations. "In this thesis, challenges and barriers to e-government in Germany were investigated and analyzed. Based on the theoretical analysis, a concept and prototype for an effective and user-centered citizen service portal for the city of Augsburg was developed.

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Lukas Sautter

UX/UI Strategist based in Munich, Germany

Currently working for Bosch Siemens HA

Project Type

Scientific & creative Master Thesis

Interactive Media Systems – M.A.

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg


Concept & User Research

Germany is generally regarded as a very progressive and economically strong country. The land of poets and thinkers may be an international pioneer in some areas, such as climate policy and the automotive industry
Another major topic that is firmly linked to people's lives is the development of technologies and their possible uses in everyday life. Digital media, the Internet and mobile devices are now shaping the image of our modern society. Since the first cell phones were commercially launched in the 1990s, technical progress has increased more rapidly and exponentially than in almost any other area. The Internet is omnipresent in almost every single area of our daily lives and it is often impossible to imagine life without it.
With this progress, come new opportunities for people. The exchange of information, productivity, communication and also consumer behavior has immense digital potential.


see the once-only principle as part of a modern authority.


of respondents see insufficient assistance as a reason against (more intensive) use of e-government offerings.


of Germans would like to be able to check the status of their work regardless of time and place.


would make greater use of online services if a meaningful breakdown by life situation were available.


Die Vorteile der Online-Nutzung müssen aufgezeigt und in die Projekte eingeplant werden, denn die reine Bereitstellung reicht nicht aus.

Cornelia Gottbehüt

Government & Public Sector Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

User Journey Mapping

Based on the individual needs of the previously defined personas, three user journey maps were created. These provide an overview of the interactions of the individual target groups and the quality of the touchpoints, along the user journey.
The question for the concrete user journey maps of this project was: To what extent can there be a digital application that accompanies, informs and offers supporting services to citizens along the entire processing of an administrative act.
The framework and overarching structure of these user journeys is provided by a detailed and process-oriented examination of the administrative processes. The individual phases (before going to the authorities, in the office/authority, after submitting the application, during processing, additions/corrections to the application, delivery of the application notice) form the rough grid, and the individual activities and process steps (also touchpoints) during these phases form the detailed structure. The latter varies, of course, depending on the persona or user journey.


With this thesis, I wanted to learn more about the reasons and challenges why e-government services still have such a hard time in Germany. And above all, what means can be used to drive the change forward. This has resulted in a concept for a digital citizen service portal for the city of Augsburg. It shows which measures can already be taken from a conceptual and user-centric perspective to further establish e-government offerings.

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Please feel free to Download my whole thesis. It really shows the scientific effort I put in this project. Good design is improving peoples everyday life and not only creating visual appealing products. Thats what user experience is all about.

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