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Private Projects

Me, myself and I. Here you find some small projects or artefacts from various private sessions.

About the projects

I turned my hobby into a career. That's why I still enjoy crafting new pieces of UI and HMI when I'm in the mood for every now and then. Just give me some rain outside, melancholic music, good coffee and some time.

There's way more in the bank but only the tip of the iceberg is actually something to show. So you might enjoy those pieces as well.

Lukas Sautter

UX/UI Strategist based in Munich, Germany

Currently working for Bosch Siemens HA

Project Type

Selection of private projects from the last years.

01 · Car HMI Concept
02 · ELectric Car HMI
03 · Summit App Concept
04 · Streaming App Concept